Dr Dan Diamond, the man with the most gloriously alliterative title of all time, came to us needing his book published by the time he stood on stage for his TED talk. The greatest strength of his manuscript was that he had based it around his strongest ‘How’ model, so moving through the structure felt like a relaxing walk, arm in arm with your sweetheart amidst the soft scent of summer roses and the gentle buzzing of bumbling bees. But the most generous givers are often the humblest among us, and Dr Dan Diamond's weakness was that he positioned himself too softly as the expert in his field. We introduced more of his green sheet content early on in the piece, and used stories to highlight the incredible lessons from his work as the head of the medical triage unit when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. His finished book, Beyond Resilience, was both entertaining and informative, finished in time to accompany his appearance at TED, and cemented his positioning as a Speaker and Author.

Neuroleadership expert Kristen Hansen was looking to produce a book as a companion to the training programs that she was already running in her black belt practice. She had a decent starting word count, as she had put in the hard yards when getting her thoughts onto paper/screen. It was in the later chapters that her manuscript showed one of the hallmarks of huge initial enthusiasm running into the brick wall of a busy life. Like a gym junkie who skips leg day, writing and rewriting the beginning of your book again and again leaves you out of balance and top heavy. The bulk of our work was in adding weight to the final chapters, and filling out the words where they were needed most. Some final polishing, and Kristen launched her book in front of a crowd of friends and colleagues in Sydney.

In 2016 an amazing annual event was run just outside Melbourne, Australia, by The Hush Foundation. This event brought together hundreds of creative minds from a wide range of areas to discuss kindness. After the event, the participants were asked to submit a piece of creativity that defines kindness for them. It could be an essay, a story, a photo, a poem, a diagram, or something else. The Hush Foundation sent these submissions to Hambone Publishing, and we edited, designed, created and printed the masterpiece that is the Gathering of Kindness Anthology.