Our Expertise

IP Development and Refinement

Hambone Publishing is able to perform an “IP audit”, interrogating the full depth and breadth of the intellectual property that forms the basis of your book. Drawing on the expertise of our Queen of Logic Mish Phillips and accredited Thought Leaders mentor Col Fink, we’ll provide a frank and honest assessment of the quality of the IP that you’ll flesh out into a book - BEFORE you write tens of thousands of words on the topic. For those in the Thought Leaders community, we’ll express all this in terms you’ll understand; pink sheets, green sheets, positioning matrix, etc. We’ll help you ensure you’ve got a plan in place to complete the book, before you take on the slow and arduous process of actually writing the copy.

Structural Editing

Lots of people begin writing a book by opening a new Word document and starting the introduction. Are you going to do that? Not with our help! A great book starts with a great plan, and a great plan starts with an outcome in mind. We’ll help you work out exactly what your book is for – perhaps it’s a marketing tool, a curriculum text, a training course companion, or a standalone product in its own right – and then we’ll show you how to design the structure with that outcome in mind. Don’t throw away thousands of words of copy (and the many hours of toil those words represent) when you get to the final editing stage. Write only words that will appear in the final book and save yourself the pain of writing junk copy. 

Copy Editing

Once you’ve written the copy, it’s time to massage it into perfection. Let’s be honest, this part isn’t fun. Who wants to read the same piece of text over and over and over again, searching for minor typos and grammatical errors? Not you, that’s for sure. (And as you probably know, all good thought leaders focus their time into three domains; think, sell, and deliver. This definitely doesn’t fit into one of those categories, so you shouldn’t be doing it). Fortunately for you, agonising perfectionist and lifelong pedant Mish Phillips is here to save the day(s and days and days), and you can rest easy in the knowledge that she’s poring over your book at 3am while you’re sleeping soundly preparing for a sales meeting the next morning.

Final Approval

When it comes time to close the door on the creative process and progress to the publishing phase, you’re going to start dragging your feet. Your perfectionist tendencies are going to kick into gear, and you’re going to keep asking for an extra day or week or month, promising that you’ll “just make a few more tweaks and then then it’ll be ready”. The pareto principle (aka the 80/20 rule) being a universal truth, we’re going to nip that right in the bud. Mish too is a perfectionist, so it’s at this point that Brilliant Ben Phillips takes over proceedings, keeping your book to the deadline and your eyes on the prize. Together, we’ll make sure your book is great, and ready to publish, but not *perfect*. The fact is, if you publish a *perfect* book, you’ve wasted months of your life that would’ve been better spent out working with clients.

Typesetting and Design

We’ve got access to a crack team of hypernerds who will shape your vision into a glorious finished product (possibly by warning you that you’re less gifted at graphic design than you thought). These aren’t ordinary designers, these are the mythical Fink brothers. They’ve spent more time using photoshop than you’ve spent using cutlery, and the results are simply outstanding. Whether it’s the cover, the models, the typeface or the bookmark, we’ve got you covered. (Just do us a favour and listen to the experts please. Otherwise we have to listen to them whingeing about your lack of visual discernment at the dinner table).


The moment of truth! At this point the excitement-dial is turned up to 11, and many self-publishers will report that their stress-levels reached similar levels. At this point, we take everything off your hands and leave you free to focus on the important stuff. Having consulted you to understand the kind of ‘feel’ you’re looking for your book to have, we’ll select the paper stock, specify the cover sizing, develop the print files, organise the ISBN code, and all those other minor-but-time-consuming things that you don’t really want to do yourself. The end result will be a book you love, fulfilling the goals you’d set (both in time and outcome), at a price you’ll appreciate (especially given the time it’ll save you and the improved quality of the finished product).